The Prime Minister announced plans today to allow hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and pubs (among others)  to re-open from 4th July.  Following a review, relaxation of the now-familiar 2 metre social distancing rule will also occur.  The new guidance to the public is that they keep a '1 metre plus' social distance.  The 'plus' refers to businesses taking mitigating measures to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus.

Further details are expected to be announced this afternoon, explaining what the 'plus' mitigating factors will entail.  The Independent reports that the steps "are expected to include recommendations for physical barriers between tables and “guest registers” of customers in pubs and restaurants"

But while this is, of course, welcome news to a provider of screens, we actually think it is a moot point. 

While the government are shifting from regulatory governance to a phase of urging vigilance and common sense, your customers, like it or not, will simply make up their own minds. They will only return when they feel safe - both from catching covid-19 and of transmitting it to others.  And the more you can do to reassure them, the sooner they will return.

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Screens between customers at a bar