By using separation screens between groups of customers, you can allow more customers to return (compared to using social distancing alone). In this way, your screens can repay your investment within weeks of you welcoming your customers back.

Here's an example: 

J carefully designs a layout to re-open his restaurant with 2 metre differences between tables.  He calculates that he can safely allow a maximum of 56 customers at any time.  When he recalculates the layout using smaller gaps with separation screens in, he realises that he can now safely allow up to 112 customers in at a time*.

  • 56 extra customers x 10 covers per week = 560 extra diners per week.
  • His average profit per diner is £10 x 560 = £5,600 potential extra profit per week 
  • He needs 56 screens at £218 each = £12,208.  

J could make more profit during the first 2.2 weeks back in business than the cost of the screens.  Because the screens make his customers feel more relaxed and safer from infection, he is more likely to attract them back and to gain positive reviews and recommendations from his customers, protecting his valuable brand.

*To see how the average floorplan would be affected by social distancing and how this capacity can be doubled using our screens, read our article.



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Separation screen business case